Hi, I'm a happily married guy. My beautiful wife is both the love of my life and my best friend . I idolize the sensuous female body! Women have always been my primary sexual interest, but....... I'm also a "Cocksucker".

I really LOVE sucking cock!!! I love "being" a cocksucker! If I could I'd proudly and openly proclaim it to the world. I've been a compulsive and insatiable cocksucker ever since I was a young teenager when I became hopelessly addicted to sucking my very best friend's extremely large cock almost every day. I couldn't wait to get home from school so I could be down on my knees again with his big, beautiful dick sliding in and out of my mouth, eagerly and enthusiastically giving him his daily blowjob.
We'd usually meet at his house where I'd drop to my knees and obligingly open my mouth so that he could hold onto my head and slowly work his massive cock deep into my throat!!!! I LOVED IT!! ....I loved the deliciously slutty way it made me feel as my throat was being stretched wider and forced open in order to accommodate the thick head of his engorged cock!!!!! And when he finally managed to stuff his entire cock all the way down my throat, he would savagely fuck my throat until he came!!!. I developed the ability to suppress my gag reflex because I really loved letting him do this to me!! It was so very exciting to surrender control and to let him orally dominate me this way in order to gratify his extreme sexual demands while also satisfying my own intense craving to be sexually subjugated and "used"!! I liked the feeling of his cock pulsating on my tongue as he ejaculated into my mouth!!! And being a young virile teenager, he was able to keep cumming until my mouth was filled with his warm, thick semen !!! I liked the acrid, pungent taste of his cum and its' slippery smooth and creamy consistency and I enjoyed swallowing it!!

Aside from being an avid and enthusiastic cocksucker, I have absolutely no other sexual interest in men. I particularly don't want to receive a blowjob from a man in return because that would ruin the wonderful thrill that I derive from merely being his slutty and subservient cocksucker.

Not surprisingly, most of the pics here reflect my lifelong obsession with throat fucking, cock sucking, beautiful women and big beautiful cocks.


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